1. The signee on the reverse side of this contract has inspected and accepts the vehicle and these terms and conditions constitute the Rental Contract (the Contract) between you or your designated representative (the Renter) and Transporte Urbano, Inc. DBA Metro Truck & Car Rental named as (the Rental Company).
  2. The Renter accepts to rent from the Rental Company the vehicle described in the Rental Contract named as the Vehicle and agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions herein established. The rented vehicle, or any replacement vehicle includes tires, tools, equipment, accessories, license plate and documents.
  3. Rental Fees. The Renter will pay the daily rental fees and mileage traveled. Accumulated mileage will be calculated by odometer readings installed by the manufacturer of the vehicle and if the odometer is found to be altered or disabled while the vehicle was in possession of the Renter, the Renter will pay mileage fees equivalent to 300 miles daily and will be responsible for the repair of the odometer unit. The minimum vehicle rental fee period is 24 hours and is calculated by the hour and minute of delivery of vehicle to renter as indicated in the Rental Contract and runs for consecutive 24 hour periods. Any delays in returning the vehicle to the Rental Company after date indicated in the Rental Contract will be subject to additional hourly (and fractional) fees. The Renter will also pay any additional applicable fees such as excise taxes. The vehicle will returned to the Rental Company on or before the return date if required by the Rental Company. The Renter will return the vehicle to the location established in the Rental Contract, during operating hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 12:00 midday, Saturdays. Additional fees are applicable if the vehicle is returned to a different location and/or on Sundays and according to previous arrangement with the Rental Company. The computations for applicable fees on the return date and location are not final and are subject to verification; any difference will be charged or reimbursed to the Renter.
  4. Collections. All the fees of this Rental Contract will be payable upon presentation. Failure to do so will incur a late fee by the Rental Company with a charge of 1.5% monthly on the balance due; additionally, the Renter will pay any administrative and legal charges incurred related to collection efforts. The Renter will pay any bank fees for each returned check and administrative late fees as well. By signing this contract, the Renter expressly authorizes the Rental Company to make any effort necessary, permitted by law, including contacting the Renter in his/her place of residence or work or contacting Renter’s employer.
  5. Credit Card Charges. The Renter acknowledges and accepts that funds may be reserved or charged to his/her credit card account a sum equal to the amount that is estimated in the Rental Contract. The Renter authorizes the Rental Company to apply the corresponding charges to his/her credit card and to carry out any necessary corrections in billing the credit card signed by the Renter, reflecting actual and current fees upon informing the Renter of same.
  6. Vehicle Acceptance. Upon receiving and accepting the rental vehicle, the Renter accepts that same has been delivered in operational and good mechanical condition, except as stated in the rental contract, accepts the vehicle as is and agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition, less wear and tear resulting from normal use. The Rental Company is not responsible if the vehicle is operated by the Renter in a manner inappropriate for the vehicle, or manufacture’s design/build defects or mechanical defects, which may cause damage or loss to the Renter or third parties.
  7. Use of Vehicle. While in possession and use of the vehicle the Renter will not allow the vehicle as transportation for: passengers by means of payment, transport of toxic or flammable materials, chemicals, explosives and petroleum products. Additional prohibited use includes: transportation of passengers in a cargo vehicle, exceeding the vehicle’s manufacturer’s load limits, offering classes or training to third parties, pushing or towing other objects, participating in tests, racing, competitions or contests. Vehicle may not be used in off-road, flooded conditions, with empty or low-pressure tires or with low levels of motor oil, refrigerant and other fluids. Vehicle cannot be used under the influence of alcohol, medications or controlled substances, or for any illicit purposes such as the transportation of contraband. Renters are prohibited from riding within the vehicle while being towed or carried by a third party vehicle. The Renter agrees to honor all the applicable laws of the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico and the United States of America. The Renter has no authorization whatsoever by the Rental Company to use the vehicle in any illegal activity or for illicit purposes. Any infraction of these conditions is cause for automatic termination of this Rental Agreement and obligates the Renter to pay any or all penalties, fines, confiscations, burdens and fees for vehicle recovery including towing service, legal storage and any other costs or fees such as legal representation. Also the Rental Company can, at any time, without prior notice, recover possession of the vehicle if same is found to be abandoned, parked illegally or is being, or has been used for illicit purposes. The Rental Company can, at any time, without prior notice, recover possession of the vehicle in case of failure to comply with any of the terms of this contract.
  8. Driver. The only person authorized to derive the vehicle is specifically identified as such in this agreement. He/she must have a valid drivers license and be at least 21 years of age. The Renter shall pay an additional $10.00 for each additional person authorized to drive the vehicle during the rental period, provided this is stated in the contract and that the additional driver(s) meets the age and valid drivers license requirements. The Rental Company has the right to verify the license and documents. In case of vehicle rental to a company or fleet, a list of licensed drivers will be provided with ages and license numbers to the Rental Company and corresponding, additional fees to be agreed by both parties. For commercial and heavy equipment vehicles, the driver(s) must provide to the Rental Company the category of License required by law to operate the type of vehicle you are interested in renting.
  9. Vehicle Damage or Loss. The Renter shall be responsible for any damage or loss of vehicle regardless of whether your fault or not, including losses due to theft, accident, misuse or abuse, vandalism, fire, explosion, or causes of Nature, among others, unless it has received the insurance liability waiver prior to the payment of the premium, and this applies, in which case it is responsible for the deductible that applies and shall indemnify The Rental Company for any loss, liability or expense in excess of the limits of such insurance coverage. Insurance does not cover accidents caused by low hanging objects. Renter shall pay the fair value of the vehicle on the market or repair, whichever is less, including the value equivalent to the loss of use based on a reasonable estimate for the period in which the vehicle is inoperable, plus administrative costs for towing and storage incurred by the Rental Company. Renter is responsible, regardless of who has availed to secure relief, if you abuse the car or violate any of the specifications for the use or operation thereof, violate laws, drive under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, do not report the accident to the Police and the Rental Company and submit a written report of an accident or the vehicle has been obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, or use the vehicle for illicit purposes. If the Renter has an insurance policy or the entity that issues your credit card covers the loss or damage, it authorizes the Rental Company to charge the insurer and provide the same information and policy number and authorizes the Rental Company to charge to third parties if they were responsible.
  10. Damage to Vehicle. The Renter shall be responsible for mechanical damage to the vehicle or physical neglect or carelessness in the use or operation thereof, or by overloading, entering inappropriate areas, neglecting to check instrument panel warning lights, leaving the vehicle open with keys in ignition, parking without using emergency brake, operating the vehicle in circumstances unsafe or dangerous to himself and others.
  11. Service, Repair or Alteration. The Renter is not authorized to repair, replace or alter any parts of the vehicle without the prior consent of the Rental Company. If this happens responsibility will be borne by the Renter who agrees to bear all costs to return the vehicle to its original state. If the Rental Company requires return of vehicle for maintenance, inspection or repairs, the Renter, at his/her cost, will return the vehicle to location designated by Rental Company. The Renter cannot drive the vehicle after an accident or mechanical breakdown without the permission of the Rental Company, which must be notified immediately after any incident.
  12. Fuel. The rental charges do not include fuel. The Renter acknowledges having received the vehicle with a full tank and agrees to return it full, otherwise the Renter will pay the Rental Company’s price of fuel to fill the tank.
  13. Cleaning. Renter agrees to return the vehicle reasonably clean inside, otherwise Renter will pay Rental Company’s cleaning fee; if returned with excessive stains, garbage, dirt or moisture.
  14. Fines. Renter shall pay all fines, including but not limited to, violations of traffic law, parking and speed, plus court costs and other expenses incurred to recover the vehicle as well as the Rental Company administrative fees related to the use of this vehicle during the rental period under this Agreement.
  15. Use of Tow/Platform Truck Service. The Rental Company will provide towing service as required. The Renter shall be responsible for any misuse of these services. If necessary to tow/carry the vehicle the Renter will use only the services cranes provided by Rental Company, otherwise the Rental Company reserves the right not to reimburse the cost of towing to the Renter.
  16. Personal Items. The Rental Company is not responsible for items or personal effects left in the vehicle or on the premises of the Rental Company. Any item, piece of clothing or object that the Renter leaves in the vehicle when it was returned and not claimed within 24 hours, are presumed to have been abandoned by the Renter, who expressly authorizes the Rental Company to dispense with these effects or objects in its’ sole discretion.
  17. Collision Damage Insurance. If Renter chooses to benefit from the Insurance Collision Damage Waiver paying the daily charge specified in the Contract and provided the vehicle is operated in strict compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Rental Company shall be responsible for dealing with the insurer for claim or loss, except that portion that Renter pays to the Rental Company. If the Renter does not elect to choose the Rental Company’s insurance coverage the Renter will be responsible for any loss or damage suffered after the vehicle delivered to the Renter and before its return. The Renter acknowledges that his/her current insurance policy may cover certain losses or damage to the vehicle under this Contract. Insurance charges for Collision Damage Waiver are computed daily as per the rental contract and are calculated by multiplying the days and/or part of a day of daily rental fees. The Renter acknowledges having read the notice on the availability of this insurance in the Contract.
  18. Personal accident insurance. In addition to the Collision Damage Waiver, Renter may also personally make sure in case of accident by paying the daily charges for such coverage as per the Contract.
  19. Liability Insurance. If Renter elects liability insurance coverage by paying the daily fee and complies with this agreement, Renter shall be protected by liability coverage for bodily injury or death to third parties or their property up to the limits of coverage. The Renter or driver of the vehicle is not protected in their damage unless they acquire and pay for a specific cover for such risks. The Renter shall be responsible for any loss, damage or expenses resulting in excess of the liability insurance coverage and Collision Damage Waiver. Copies of these policies are available at the Headquarters of the Rental Company, the limits are: $ 100,000. /$300, 000./$100, 000. and are issued under standard terms and conditions of automobile insurance policies, including requirements of reporting and cooperation of the Renter. If the Renter does not elect to purchase coverage for collision damage and liability offered by the Rental Company, he/she must provide alternate coverage, at the Renters cost and under his/her responsibility.
  20. General. This contract is provided and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The same is the entire agreement between the Rental Company and the Renter and may not be altered except by written consent of the Rental Company. If the Rental Company at any time ceases to enforce any provisions of this agreement, this does not relieve the Renter of its obligation to comply with the same or of future claims by the Rental Company. If any part or provision of this agreement is declared void or invalid by any court or competent authority, the remainder of its provisions remain in force. Any dispute between the parties relating to this agreement shall be resolved in the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the parties submit, expressly and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Superior Chamber of San Juan of the Court of First Instance of Puerto Rico.
  21. Cancellation Policy. In case of a cancellation before 48 hours of the starting date and time established in this guaranteed reservation contract, the total sum of the contract will be reimbursed to Renter. For cancellations received within the 48 hour time period prior to the date and time of the rental agreement, the Rental Company will charge the Renter the sum equivalent to one-day rental and the Renter authorizes this charge to his/her credit card.
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