About Metro Car & Truck Rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico

We are a family owned business serving the transportation needs of Puerto Rico for over 40 years. In 2002 Metro Car and Truck Rental of Puerto Rico was formed as more and more transportation customers were requesting Car and Truck rental services.

Today, the “Metro” rental business is in the process of expanding the local Puerto Rican market through an aggressive program of advertising, marketing through traditional media as well as growing its’ online presence by launching a new website.

“We are not the biggest or the oldest Car and Truck Rental business on the Island”, says Metro’s president, “but we are number one in Personal Service. When our customers contact us, a live human being answers the phone,” and continues, “I’m a big believer in personal service!”

In 2013, Metro Car and Rental will be opening new offices in the Orlando, Florida area...the future looks bright!

localidad de metro car and truck rental en puerto rico